A Life Update…

I will be honest. I have been struggling. Been feeling stuck, lost, unmotivated as Gurm the artist. I see the ideas in my head, but every time I want to bring it to vision, my hands shake and I lose my confidence. I want to write these words but am scared of how people will react when they read them. I want to record a video but can’t seem to set up the camera. It’s a natural feeling, I know. It happens with the best of the creatives. So, I have been really reflecting on all that and hence this post.

There are three types of artists. And I am guilty of having been all three.

The first one feels the pressure and turns that competition into inspiration. How dare you feel unmotivated? This is supposed to come naturally to you. Just pick up that pen or brush and start – force it if you have to. You need to plant the seed and look how your plant will bloom. Look at other people posting consistently, putting themselves out there, and getting results. And you? You are just going to sit there and get nothing done. What kind of creator does that? Get up and do it. Come on. You can get those results too, you know. Just be sure not to make any mistakes. Sometimes that works, it motivates you and you get going and actually produce some of your best work. But sometimes it doesn’t. Forcing something that doesn’t come from your soul and you are just creating for the sake of creating makes the block worse and you sink deeper and deeper.

Then there are those who are actually less interested in how much they produce and more interested in how much they can explore through their art. Going to places never seen before and creating those pieces that have never been created. Learning something new. Discovering a new path on the adventure. Just taking that risk. That is a fun way for an artist to just play. This has helped me many a times to just enjoy the feeling of art again and gaining my confidence back. But it is also a risk, trying something new and knowing that it might not work. And maybe this can’t become your style.

The third one is the safe way. Being in your comfort zone and coming back to it now and again because you just need that safe space. That feeling that you can’t go wrong with it, and it will relax you. It feels like home. But the thing is: do you want to limit yourself and stay there? It feels good but eventually you will urge to want to do something different.

Each path has its pros and cons. And it is to each their own to decide which way to go. You see, you need to nurture your creative pot with the right amount of water, air and sunlight. Too much and it withers. And too less and it will not grow. Need that balance. Would love to know: what works for you when you get this feeling? How do you find yourself again?

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