Art is a journey, not a destination.

The second you start a painting, you are waiting to see the final result, wondering “is this going to work?”. The minute you put your pen to paper, you think to yourself “Is this going to be any good?”. Let me tell you, there is no point, no point at all, thinking about all this. Enjoy the process.

What’s important is exploring different ideas, doing the things you are interested in. Figuring out how far you can dive into your experimentation. Learning and growing. This will all eventually emerge into a beautiful creation, a masterpiece, if you let it naturally, by being your true artistic self. Let go.

Honestly, trying too hard to make it good, to make it perfect, to make it exactly like that picture or scene, is what ruins it. Don’t think about getting an end result. Think about living every day of the creative adventure.

The real joy is to just be messy, just go crazy and play around. Instead of thinking “oh no I messed it up. I have to start over”, think “this is my chance to turn it into something unexpected, and my chance to discover what I can make of this”. Instead of thinking “ugh I failed again, no one is going to like it”, think “I am going to keep going with this and see where it leads”. Every stroke, every mark, every line, every shape, has a purpose, has a reason to be there. Just follow it and cherish the progress. Have fun with it.

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