Art is anything you want it to be…

 really wanted to talk about this, share my thoughts on this, let my feelings out about this as so many people have approached me about this.

People who think they are not good at art but want to try. People who think they don’t have the talent but want to use their imagination and ideas to create something. People who are interested in painting but are afraid of how it will turn out and so don’t want to do it. People who really have the urge to draw something but are not confident about it. How do I start, they ask me? What if I make a mistake and don’t know how to fix it? What if it doesn’t turn out good? What if people don’t understand my work and judge and criticize it? Etc etc etc…

I am going to be totally honest and real with you here. Let me tell you something. Everyone, you included, has an artist hidden somewhere inside of them. Art is NOT about good or bad, right or wrong, talented or untalented. In fact, there is no such thing as bad art. There really isn’t. There is no such thing as you doing something wrong in art. There is no such thing as making a mistake. Art is about being as creative , as unique, as out of the box, as experimental as you want to be. It is about playing, it’s about imagining, it’s about exploring, it’s about just enjoying the process and having fun. It is all up to you. There is NO limitations or restrictions. There are no rules. Art does not have to be traditional. Who knows, through your imagination and creativity, you may even invent a new art form or art style! So no need to be scared or have lack of confidence. Everyone has their own unique artistic style. So embrace yours! Accept it as it is. Just grab some art materials and start creating something! Anything. Whatever you feel like. In your own special artistic way.

Maybe in the process something changes while you are making your art and the end result doesn’t turn out what you wanted it to be. Maybe when your painting dries, something goes “wrong” or it seems “incomplete, like something’s missing” and you are not satisfied with it. You want to “fix it”, “make it better” “correct it” “make it complete “. How, you ask me? Its simple! Just make it part of the work. Huh, you laugh, it can’t be that easy. But is is! It really truly is! To be honest, I have felt this way with my works too. Want to know what I do? I take it is as a chance to experiment, take advantage of what I am feeling and turn it into something else. And guess what? I feel even more satisfied with the new work than I ever would have with the work I had previously imagined. That’s what art is about- learning, growing, discovering something new everyday, making a totally different artwork from the idea you had when you first stated creating the work. And that is perfectly ok.

As for people not understanding your work, judging your work, criticizing your work- I won’t lie. There will always be some people like that. That’s ok. That’s their thinking, their mindset. You cannot get affected by them. You heard me. You cannot get affected by them. Yes, you can listen to them, hear what they have to say and maybe incorporate their suggestions in your next artwork. Who knows? Maybe it will help you improve, make you discover something new and exciting about you and your art. Use it as constructive criticism. But don’t take it to heart. Don’t hear them and give up and not create anymore. There are also always many people who love your style, who understand your work, who are fascinated by your work, who encourage and support you , who look forward to your next piece. Focus on those people.

Want to know a secret? You ready? You sure? I am letting the cat out of the bag. Let me tell you about my biggest fan. Before you say, that’s me . Let me tell you that no, it’s not any single one of you. My biggest fan is me! Yep, I am my biggest fan. Surprised? Let me explain. As long as you, the creator of the work, are satisfied with the end product and confident about your idea and what you did, it is enough. It is more than enough. If you love what you have created, if you are happy with the final piece, if you understand the idea and style behind it, if you have embraced and accepted your uniqueness then you don’t need any other validation. Seriously. Then no amount of what other people think or say will affect you anymore. It’s your artwork and you are proud of it and you believe in it. Say whatever you want to world- I am ready. Become your biggest fan and it’s all good. Not to say that compliments don’t feel good! They always do! Use those as encouragement and motivation to push yourself, keep improving, and create something better and better every time.

As Lisa Golightly said: “There is no right way to make art. The only wrong is in not trying, not doing. Don’t put barriers up that aren’t there- just get to work and make something”.

Well, after all this, what are you waiting for? Go grab some art materials and do some art! Happy creating!

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