Beginning A New Artwork On A Blank Slate

Today is the day you start a new artwork. You have set up your blank canvas or paper and feel it staring back at you. Oh no, what do I do now? You freeze for a minute. How did I manage to create last time, you wonder? Will I be able to make something new, something not seen before? Did I get the right idea, is it the right inspiration for this time? What if I get stuck? What if I choose the wrong size? Will it work? And on and on….  

If you have been following me for a while, you know I don’t really like to plan out my works. Yes, I may start out with a basic idea or inspiration but I don’t exactly fully structure my work. I like to have that element of surprise and exploration, discover things along the way.  I have no clue, no clue at all what the final result will be. So I know too well that feeling of a blank slate.  

The thing is, and this is my personal belief (yours might differ- please don’t come at me), if you know exactly what you are creating, create dot to dot to that envisioned end result, it is not art. Art is to be on the edge of the cliff, to have that heart pumping little hesitant feeling of jumping off, then finally taking the leap and experiencing that feeling. That excitement is art.  

That fear, that being frozen by that stare is normal. You just need to start, take that leap of faith, and fly.

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