Being Brave With Your Art

With every artwork I do, I try and do something a little different than anything I have done previously. It could be the smallest slightest change or a huge transformation. While working on my latest work, “The Spark”, I got thinking of how much courage it takes to take that small step out of your comfort zone. How when you attempt a new idea, a new medium, a new color, a new shape, a new size, a new pattern, a new theme, you are being so brave. So that led to writing this blog post…

What do you do if you suddenly get an idea that is slightly different from what you usually do? How do you attempt to create something that people don’t really know you for? Do you listen to your artistic voice and inspiration to draw something that is very raw, something that you haven’t done before?

You have two options. You can ignore the above and go running back to safety, to what you know works successfully, to what you are comfortable with, to what the viewers like. Or you can be brave. You can take a step about of your comfort zone, and try that new medium for the first time. You can follow your instinct and create on the theme you never thought you would create on.

You know what? Whatever comes out of you is you. It is still your voice. It is just a different part of you. It just hasn’t come out yet. But now you are ready to create it and show it to the world. So make that mark. Even if it feels weird at first. Before you know it, you will be so comfortable with it. There is always a meaning of what comes out. Trust it.

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