Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Being comfortable with stepping into the uncomfortable. Being confident in taking one step out of your safe place. Attempting something you have never done before or re-attempting something that once failed in order to grow and develop. Experimenting with something new just to see what happens. Doing it even when you have no idea what…

My Inner Critic and Inner Artist are friends

Today (the day I am writing this) was one of those days. The day I didn’t feel like doing anything. Whatever I tried to do, it felt like I messed everything up. The words aren’t coming out right, I didn’t post today, the canvas is not looking good, I don’t want to vlog, and I…

How I Embraced My Authentic Self and Why You Should Too

I used to be the person who had two personas- the public one and the private one. In public, I used to put on a mask, behave the way I was expected to, say the things that were considered “right” , hide some sides of me because I thought nobody would accept me like that….