Bits Of Me

Wound gets triggered, there’s an emptiness within

Need to feel free, am definitely missing something

Those journeys, those memories, those stories

Sorting those creations into special categories

How do I recover that shattered part of my soul?

I will take the fragments and make them whole

See the damaged, destroyed, scraps of paper

I will not give up, of my dreams I am a creator

Out comes the folder, that has pieces of me

I look at them and think of what they can be

Take them out, on the table lay them bare

Create something new with love and care

Discover the most beautiful things in the broken

Individual parts beautifully fit together as one

All my blood, sweat, tears, hard work, hustle

Create the picture to complete the puzzle


Winning can be measured in different ways,
Not only by awards, scores and praise,
But by your work having your unique touch
Something that is not traditional as such
It is measured by how happy and good you feel
That is when you know that success is real
When you are determined to experiment, learn and grow
At your own speed(no matter how fast or slow)
When you don’t give up on trying something new
When you say to fear or confusion “adieu”
It is about motivation and being inspired
Hard work, effort and passion is required
Is life about competition and coming out ahead?
Or is it about enjoying and going slow instead?
It’s about growing and finding who you are
And remembering to look up at the stars.

Starting a New Artwork

A sparkling light fills up my heart 
Out comes an idea out of the idea cart 
My mind imagines and creates a picture 
I can already clearly see the structure
Materials , surroundings is all the same 
But there is not yet a form, no name 
Color, shape, lines and texture
I draw/ paint with a lot of pleasure 
I look at it and soak in the sight 
With satisfaction, happiness and delight
Filling up, experimenting, exploring the space 
Into my zone, my world I enter and escape 

The Story of An Artist’s Life

I think of the many images in my head
The movies I watched, the books I have read
The places I have been to, other artistic creations
From these I find my creativity and inspiration
I clear my mind and close my eyes
And wait for an idea to arise
Art inside me that is yet to be born 
It struggles to find its shape and form
Tell my story, within me it screams
Make me a reality from a dream
Share with the world your vision
Time to make some artistic decisions
Getting impatient, cannot wait
Red or green, wavy line or straight?
Suddenly my art erupts and flows out
Everything becomes clear, there is no doubt
Brushes, paints, pens and paper create a lot of pictures
Visions that inside my head once captures
Inspired from other designs
But using my own creative guidelines
Created with a lot of love and care
With my hands bearing the wear and tear
I smile and look at my finished piece
And get the feeling of happiness and peace