“Colors” – The Reflections of Life: My Artistic Journey

The whole process of the exhibition prep and conversations at the opening yesterday reminded me of my whole journey and how far I have come. Such a variety of work spread over 6 years (2015-2021).

It wasn’t always like this. This smiling, being genuinely happy around art, living the artist dream. This full time art not being a job but being on a holiday everyday. This being confident enough to display 80+ pieces at a solo exhibition and talking about it in front of people. This growing and learning through the business side of things and having those open discussions. This going with the flow and being spontaneous. Being known as “the queen of color” and black and white pieces also being appreciated. It’s been quite an adventure to get here.

There was a point when I had declared to everyone around me: “I don’t know what I am going to do in life but I know for sure it is not going to be anything art related “. There was a point that I was so uncomfortable with a pen and paper even when I was totally alone. There was a point when I used to find excuses, find the quickest exit so I wouldn’t have to attend art classes and workshops. There was a point when I used to laugh it off when people said to me “one day you are going to have your own exhibition”.

So what changed? What changed was me struggling with drawing what I was asked to draw to me discovering my own style. What changed was me converting my weakness into my uniqueness. What changed was me answering people giving me weird looks and asking “what in the world did you draw? I really don’t get it” with “It can be whatever you want it to be. What do you see?”. What changed was me realizing that even if no one in the world likes my art, I am ok with it, because I know that I like my art and that is the only view that matters. And I will keep creating for me. Because I love it, and not because I need to prove anything to anyone.

So if you are having those feelings that I did, I totally understand. Because to be very honest with you, it takes a while to get out of that box. But if I did it, so can you. One stroke, one color, one line, one shape, one object, one material at a time. You got this!

PS. sharing some pictures from my exhibition opening. Enjoy! Btw it’s on till the 30th of November if you want to check it out. Everyone is welcome!

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