Creating from Imagination

As a creator, I get inspired A LOT. The spark can come from literally anywhere. Sometimes something catches my eye and I can instantly see that thing in my own style. Other times I dream about it, and when I wake up the next morning, I know what my next work will be. There are times when I have an idea, but that’s it. Have no clue what to do further, until a long time later. There are also times when I just put a paper/ canvas in front of me and go with the flow, let my hand guide me into a mystery creation.

There are times when my artwork is exactly like the picture that I had in my mind when I first started. There are times when it is completely different and I could have never imagined that the end result would turn out like this. There are times when I start with the initial idea and change it midway, or start with a different idea and go back to the initial idea in the process.

The question I get asked often is how I turn that inspiration into an original creation. For me, it is about drawing from imagination, painting from curiosity. It is about building your own pathways from the most commonly used road. It is about using your voice to give a new twist, to challenge the current perspective. It is about looking at a simple thing and asking yourself “how can I make something new out of this?”.

For me, as both an artist and viewer, this is what gives art its true value. Creating from imagination.

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