Embrace Your Inner Child

Real talk. As artists, as creators, as dreamers, as humans (yes, this is applicable to non-artists too), we often have these doubts and question ourselves: are my dreams and aspirations practical? How do I make my art more relatable and sellable? Should I stop creating what I want and go with what is trending, what everyone is doing? Ok, I know most of you are nodding your head, can relate to this.

Let me remind you (and I truly believe this): we are who we are for a reason. What keeps us going is this desire to express, this faith we have in the magical side. What motivates us is keeping the flame of imagination alive and express it how we picture it through our own lens.

Despite all the storms, the emotional hurdles, the critiques, the one thing we should never let go away and keep holding on to is the innocence, the child inside of us. The key is our voice, our expression, our uniqueness.

Don’t take for granted that tiny seed inside of you. It is something raw, something you can’t escape, the thing that makes what you do everyday fun, so fun that it doesn’t feel like work. The seed that makes you so connected to your soul, that the most honest, purest representation pours out. The seed that keeps the flame of art alive in a truly authentic way. The seed of your inner child. Embrace it. Cherish it. Listen to it. You do you. No matter what. 

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