Fear and Courage: Opposites That Go Hand In Hand

Following your passion. Listening to your heart. Doing what you really enjoy. Making something you love into a career. That is the path I chose when I decided to pursue art and content creation full time. The decision for me was both full of fear and courage, both simple and difficult. Fear and courage, two opposites and yet they go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other.

Fear is often looked at as a negative word. It keeps us from fulfilling our purpose. It holds us back. It freezes us. It gives us a million reasons why not to do that thing. Why not to start a conversation with that person. Why not to dive deep into that situation. But, fear can also be positive. It is what leads us to discover our strengths. It is what gives us the power to overcome, and triumph over it. It allows us to discover our determined side. It brings us to courage.

The courage to take a risk. The courage to embrace uniqueness. The courage to challenge the way things are done by the book. The courage to do what may seem strange to others, but for you it’s normal. The courage to show people that what they thought was impossible is actually I am possible.

For me, this battle between fear and courage resulted in courage taking the victory. And though, still today, sometimes the fear lingers for a while, courage eventually overpowers it.

So, the real question is what will you do? Will you let the fear of society stop you or will you follow your calling? The choice is yours.

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