Finding the beauty in everyday things!

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Confucius

For me, everywhere I look, everything I look at has beauty. As an artist, I see patterns in the most basic and most complex of things. 

Art is a way of seeing everyday familiar objects in a new light. The subject of the work is familiar but presented in an unfamiliar artistic way, in the artist’s unique style. Art doesn’t have to mean the same thing to everyone. It is more up to your imagination, how you see the texture, color, lines in the work rather than the subject. It is about letting go of the rules and simply experimenting. It is about being able to visualize potential artworks while looking at the most mundane of objects. 
For me, as an artist, the most important thing is being able to see the object or subject that you are inspired by in its most basic elements: shape, line, color, pattern, texture. You just need to look beyond the obvious and you will find patterns all around you in every shape and form. You will find patterns in trees, in leaves, in stones, in water ripples, in the traffic of cars on the road, in the fruits and vegetables you eat, in the reflections in a glass or mirror, the list goes on… All you need to do is observe. 
Beauty is everywhere, in everything. Enjoy it! Relish it! Cherish it! Grab the opportunity, live in the present moment, enjoy life! 

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