Finding The Time To Create and Maintaining Balance

People often ask me, “how do you find the time to create?”, “how do maintain that balance between personal and professional life?”. Let me answer the first question first then the second.

Ok, now I am a full time artist so that is what I am dedicated to . So all the time in the world to create. I see you shaking your head- not the answer you were looking for.

Ok…let us go back when I was a full time student in university and still filled sketchbook after sketchbook in my free time.  Of course then, education was the first priority. Or when I didn’t take this artist job seriously (it is just an on the side kind of thing, I thought).  For you, it might be your education, full time job, family or something else. But you feel there is something missing, something incomplete and you want to create. You love it, it’s a hobby, a passion.

So what I did and what I suggest you do is start by just let’s say 10-15 (or more, don’t know about your time) minutes a day whenever you can. Leave your work on the table, on your bed, in your living room, in your office and each time you pass it by just make a mark on it or add a color to it.  Or create while watching that show, listening to that podcast, talking on the phone, playing with your pet. Even doing a small simple thing every day to your work will make such a big difference.

Second question- how do I find the balance? First of all, everyone in my close circle knows how much my work means to me and how committed I am. So they understand if I am not able spend that much time with them this week or if I need to stay late at the studio. They also understand when I need some off days and have a lot more time to spend with them and stay at home more than going to the studio. You need to have that conversation, that discussion with them.

And also… I prioritize. What events are coming up? Or do I have free time with no events for a while? Do I need to do more business side of things or more creative things or a balance of both? (Ok being honest here, don’t like the business side of things and love the creative side but when I know I need to do it and can’t avoid it any longer, I go all in). Can I spend less time (or more time) on social media this week? Can I make this week a total busy hustling week or can I take a few hours (or days) off completely away from everything to focus on myself, my relationships and health?

These are just suggestions from my experience. You can take them or leave them. I hope they help though. This is me signing off for now. Remember to embrace your uniqueness and see you next time.

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