Hair and Pens on Papers, 42X60 cm, 2018

Golden Temple

Golden Temple- a Sikh Temple in my hometown, Amritsar. This is not only religiously and spiritually important to me, but also special to me because it is in my hometown, the place where I was born. I sewed the hair in all four directions, to represent as a symbol of openness to all, irrespective of any discrimination, Golden Temple has opened doors in all four directions.

Temple of Heaven

Temple of heaven- a historical and religious temple in Beijing. Having lived in China for almost my whole life, I consider China and Chinese a very important part of my identity. Just like I feel a calmness and peacefulness  and homeliness whenever I go to the Golden Temple, I get the same feeling whenever I go to the Temple of Heaven. . For this, I sewed the hair in the shape of pillars.


The object shown in this work is a Indian lamp, a diya, most commonly used for the festival of Diwali. Diwali is the festival of lights, the celebration of good over evil, a new beginning.  It is also my favourite festival. The diya symbolises the light that protects from spiritual darkness.  The pattern I used for the background represent hanging lights also used to decorate during Diwali. During the festival, streets, houses, homes, are all filled with colors and decorations, and I wanted to give this feel to the work.