How I Embraced My Authentic Self and Why You Should Too

I used to be the person who had two personas- the public one and the private one. In public, I used to put on a mask, behave the way I was expected to, say the things that were considered “right” , hide some sides of me because I thought nobody would accept me like that. I thought it was better to be like this than be judged, than open up about my feelings, than have those conversations.

In private, I would be my real true authentic self. The person who I really was, just embracing every strength and every flaw, every struggle and every success, every smile and every tear. I was ok being vulnerable like that with my close ones. 100% Gurm. And that still took every ounce of courage, just in private. Imagine if I had to do it in public. No way!

But then… something happened. The two sides of me became exhausting. It was a sign telling me to stop this act, to take off the mask and show my face to the world. Say to everyone, “this is me, all of me. Accept me or not, like me or not, judge me or not, I am done hiding”.  I am done hiding because that mask doesn’t feel like me, it doesn’t feel right in my gut. I am done hiding because I can’t keep living like this anymore. I am done hiding because instead of feeling content, I feel empty.

And once I took off that mask, you know what happened? I found myself again.  I had the courage to become candid, honest. I made the decision to be vulnerable and show the human side of me. I started feeling happier and more fulfilled. I found my calling. I truly started to enjoy life and understand myself, others and the world.

No, I didn’t do it for attention or likes. No, I didn’t do it for others to feel pity for me. I didn’t do it because that is how it is supposed to be done. I did it because I realized what I had been through is probably what someone is going through right now or will go through one day. I did it because I knew telling my story can help someone, can inspire someone. Even if it touches only one soul, it is enough.

Something you wish you had heard when you were going through that situation, that is what people need to hear when they are going through that same situation. And they need to hear that from you! So take off that mask. Go all in. No matter where. No matter what. No matter the time or place or who you are with. Be 100% yourself and go spread your beautiful light. And remember “embrace uniqueness”.

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  1. One of the reasons people wear masks is that they don’t want to lose people they think are their friends, so they play the game. They hide their true feelings, nodding in agreement to the social niceties that are expected. The truth is that the ones who truly value you, appreciate you without your mask. They are a handful. Speak your mind freely. Change it if you want. The ones who matter will ‘get’ you. Brandon

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