How To Not Let Emotion Exhaust Us As Artists

As artists, we all have different hobbies, passions, skills and talents but we are all fundamentally the same.

We put so much feeling in producing, in the creation process. Just to get started we need a lot of courage and energy, we are so emotionally invested in it that there are times when our thoughts hold us back, prevents us from taking that first step towards designing. 

There are times we think to ourselves: “Ï know what I want to create but I just can’t get it. I don’t know how”. It is not easy at all because we use all our sides (emotional, creative, physical, technical) when making a piece of work. We get vulnerable because we need to go through every single part of the journey on our own, figure it all out by ourselves.

By allowing the emotional to consume all of our energy before even beginning the actual physical act of creating, we are already unknowingly exhausting ourselves.

Here are some thoughts I have on what we can attempt to limit that from happening (easier said than done, I know, but we can try):

1. Allow yourself to think of the idea of your painting, and then immediately and I mean immediately pick up your pen and start drawing on the paper.

Let your creative mind take over and get into the zone. It will be much smoother. You will notice how quickly and easily you get into the flow.

2.Limit your distractions. Schedule “no screen, no social media time”.

If you need to look at something, just look around. Look at the curtains, look at the walls, look at the carpet, look outside your window, look at your old creations, look anywhere. Find comfort in nothingness.

I know I know it may sound ridiculous and you must be thinking “she is being so silly” about me, but trust me it works. It actually does. That is how I get my inspiration, my artwork ideas most of the time.

3.Figure out what works best for you, what keeps you at your most productive and STICK TO THAT FORMULA

I can’t tell you much about this, because this is something that you know best.   

Do you work better with a messy cluttered space around you or a neat organized art table? 

Does shuffling between different genres of music get you going, or you prefer sticking with one artist, or you prefer total silence, or maybe it’s a mix and match of everything?

Do you prefer to work all alone in your own space or are you at your most productive around a group of people or having a work session with fellow creators?

4.Take a break (Force yourself if you have to!)

This is honestly the most important one, and I am writing this one for myself more than anyone else. 

When I get in the zone, when time stops, when I am really enjoying myself, I refuse to take break even when I get tired (is this just me or you fellow artists as well…?). I have to force myself before my health (hands throbbing, eyes itching) gets compromised. And emotionally also not feeling it anymore.

I can’t stress this enough: TAKE A BREAK! Your art will still be there waiting for you but your health won’t. Don’t ever compromise your health for your art.

I hope this helps. I would love to hear what you all do when you are faced with a situation like this.

This is me signing off. See you next time! 

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