How To Overcome Creative Blocks

Creative blocks. I know I go through them and I am pretty sure you do too. So, here are some ways to grow through them, some tricks I use to help me get in the zone:
1. Let your emotions flow.  
Talk to them, listen to them, face them. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Journal, blog, talk to a close one, make a video on it, do what you need to do. Be honest and authentic with yourself and others.
2.Find your time.
When are you your best, most creative, most productive at? Are you a morning person or night owl? Schedule your creative sessions during that time.
3.Spend some time getting inspired before jumping into your creation.
Get into the right state of mind to create, just give yourself some inspiration time. Give your body and mind the signal that is it time to create. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, hop online and look at your favorite creators. Or talk to fellow creators. Or just doodle something randomly, do some creative exercise before getting into the main creation.  Or maybe you have a creative ritual. What I like to do is look around at my old artworks, that is what gets me going.
4. Prepare your space.  
Clear things off your table. Make sure you have enough light to work. Collect all the materials you need for the project and put them within hands reach. Make it a nice workable place where you will be productive.
5. Talk to your creation.

Laugh all you want but it is a vital part of the process. Believe it or not, your creations speak to you. Yes, they speak to you. Have a conversation with them. Imagine you are talking to a friend and just let it all out. It sounds ridiculous but try it. It might help you overcome your creative block.
6. Have an awareness of how you are feeling.  

Are you having fun? Are you losing track of time? And you can keep going? Or are you getting tired and just don’t want to do it anymore? Are you judging and comparing yourself and is that pressure building up? Listen to your mind and body and take a break. Just step away from it if you need to.
7.Compliment yourself.  Celebrate your achievements.
“Well done for beginning”, “Fantastic job on finishing that color”, “Great job on overcoming that challenge and pushing through your comfort zone”, “Kudos for doing 5 minutes of work when you were motivated to do none at all “. Say all this to yourself.

Hope this helps! Now go get your creative juices flowing!

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