It is about the stories we tell…

The things we learn and discover everyday. The moments we remember forever even the ones that happened years ago. That beautiful feeling you got at that event. The first time you interacted with that person. That inspiration that began your journey. The experience of being in nature. The creative idea that you get when you are watching that show, reading that book or listening to that podcast. The design on that piece of clothing. The way the food on your plate is presented. That conversation you didn’t expect to have. The dream that you had that leads to your next idea. Some personal experiences that you can’t specifically describe but can put the general idea through a creative form.

Life is full of so many stories that are waiting to be presented. Stories about the simple things. Stories about the complex philosophies. Stories about the small details. Stories about the big ideas. Stories, that is how we make the most sense of the world. A narrative that is fun and interesting, the core of the human experience. And that is what I get inspired by and present through my art and creativity. What story are you going to tell today?

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  1. I love this because it’s very true. Life is so full of many stories and it’s never just one. Life experiences come with the feeling of the event as well.
    I love it❤️

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