Know Yourself as an Artist: How to Really Embrace Your Uniqueness

People, including creators (yep, me too for a while), think art is all about precision, technique, fundamentals, methods, having that perfect execution. There are certain criteria, some very specific skills that you need to go over until you master them. Don’t get me wrong- the fundamentals are important to learn and know, they are what help you start. Judge me if you want, but personally, for me, as an artist, that is one of the smallest parts. Sure, like any artist, I want to learn new techniques, experiment with new mediums, but for me, that is not the most important, not my biggest goal, not the highest priority.

Real talk- and I am speaking as a professional artist, someone dedicated full time to art. I don’t understand. I really don’t. Why does every artwork have to be defined and measured? Why are artists expected to follow every single point they are taught to the core? What- so every creator in the world is just supposed to follow the traditional techniques they are taught in school? There is no fun in that. The real fun is to carve your own path, discover your own style.

I have talked about this many times and I am saying it again: for me it is all about embracing uniqueness, that special voice inside of you. It is forgetting about the fundamentals, destroying the structure, and just creating your own experimental mess. Make your art a feeling, a moment, an expression capturing your own version of life. Your art is all about expressing your core, your soul, your spirit, your story, your energy. It is way more than fundamentals.

Step away from those foundations and put aside your ego. Not thinking about those likes and comments, those ooos and aaas, those “wow, your art is amazing”, not thinking about “is anyone going to like this or buy this?”, not thinking about the future… the list goes on.  Why am I telling you this? Because I have had these thoughts and let myself slide into this and you know what happened? I stopped being true and authentic to my art and to myself. When creating, what is the most important thing? To create only and only for yourself. To not be someone else for the camera. To be completely aware of what is inside you, knowing yourself.

Listen to yourself. Make your flaws, your weaknesses, even your strengths into your uniqueness through your art. Be real and open with the public about both your highs and lows. Let your art define your journey. Let your art speak for itself.

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