Let us keep inspiring each other!

“You are such an inspiration”. “Your artwork is so inspiring“.  “You inspire me.” “Your colorful paintings makes me smile and just cheer me up”. Over the past week, many visitors to my exhibition , people who I have interacted with, shared stories about my life and the inspiration behind my artwork with have said this to me.

Whenever I hear someone say that to me, I feel so happy that I am able to make a small positive contribution in someone’s life. I am simply trying to pursue my passion and reach my personal best, to challenge myself and learn and grow. I believe we all inspire each other everyday. So many of you have inspired me this week. Talking to you I have learned and grown. We all have goals, and we all are trying to get there and those who try and fail and try again will eventually succeed. The only true failure is not being willing to try, or ask for help when we need it. Take that risk, face that challenge, walk a step closer to your dreams and passion. It is really never to late. You can start anytime and anywhere. You just need that passion and determination. Just take that starting step towards your calling and see eventually you will fly. 

I still have so much to learn and every moment is a learning experience, you literally are never done. I find that exciting and an opportunity to grow more, share more, get inspired and inspire more, create more. And the fact is, if I inspire, that makes me happy, though it’s not why I do what I love. I do it to feel fully fulfilled in life: to be my personal best every day, in every way. That’s what being an artist to me is about and that is what inspires me: the effort, and the people I get to know and meet along the way.

The reason I like to make my work so colorful, bright and vivid is to celebrate the beauty of life, the simple everyday moments, stories and things around us. I also try as an artist that the audience feels happiness and joy seeing my work.If I am able to spread smiles and cheer people through my work, then I believe I have succeeded. 

Honestly, this is the biggest compliment I can ever get. It really means a lot and I really appreciate it. A heartfelt thank you to all for inspiring me, for giving me the chance to learn and grow and for giving me the opportunity to inspire and spread smiles. 

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