My Art Goals For 2021

Since 2020 is coming to an end and 2021 is about to enter our lives, I thought I should make a list of my art goals, what I want to achieve in 2021. So here goes, a short and sweet list:

  1. Post on blog regularly
  2. Post on YouTube regularly
  3. Do some events (workshops, exhibitions, bazaars, etc ..…)
  4. Grow my artistic connections. See more art- in person.
  5. Use all previous art materials before buying new ones. Use all the paper, all the canvas, all the paints, all the pens, and everything else. No more unnecessary excited shopping.
  6. Not be afraid to fail. Try new things and learn new skills (have a long list of what I want to explore, but haven’t yet).  Not going to list all the things here- will surprise you with them as I create them J                                                   
  7. And of course: create, create, create.  

Do any of you have any creative goals for next year? Would love to hear yours.

This is me signing off- I am off to start achieving this goals. See you next time! 

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