My First Solo Exhibition

August 25th 2019

Once upon a time a normal simple girl whose first love, dream, passion, hobby, everything was art decided that this was the career, the journey she wanted to take for the rest of her life. She decided that and was determined to get there one day no matter the struggles, hardships, criticisms, pain that she encountered on her way. Of course she knew that it would take time to get there , there would be ups and downs in her journey but when you love something so much, can spend hours doing it, get lost in a zone where you are so focused that you can’t see or hear anything else, just want to keep doing that all day every day, where it doesn’t even feel like work and feels like you are on a holiday then you smilingly accept all the difficulties that come your way and find a way to fight through them. Of course it’s not all easy. There are difficult times in your journey. There are times when you are making art and you are not sure of the future and whether you will be able to achieve anything at all. There are times you are making art and you don’t know where this is going or what you are doing but you keep doing it because you love and enjoy it and you are doing it for yourself, not for anyone else, not for money, not for fame. Yes like every artist I also hope to build a career, hope my artworks sell, hope to become famous, but when I am creating the work, that is not my thought process. I create it for the integrity and honesty I feel for my dream, and the trust in God that all the blood, sweat, tears will pay off. There is something written for me. Then come such God sent people and opportunities in your life that you have been searching and seeking for. The opportunity of your first solo art exhibition. That OMG, is this really happening, is this truly a reality or am I living in a dream moment. The time when your fairytale and life become one. The moment when all your hard work, patience, endless hours, days and nights of working , throbbing fingers, surety of following your passion and making your dream a career seem all worth it, when you feel you are starting to make it and get there. A time of expansion and joy, bringing the community to my work, my table, and I feel so happy and overwhelmed. My creative cup is overflowing and my heart is full. 

My love of art has taken me in directions I could only imagine and dream of . Every artwork has been a labour of love.  There are so many people who have walked with me through this journey, who have encouraged me, supported me, worked with me. I want to say a big thank you to all those people who have supported me in my pursuit of art– from my mentors, teachers, art lovers and supporters, friends and family and to the people who have bought and ordered my art. Thank you everyone!  I couldn’t have done it without you. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. 

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