Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what they think of their experience with Gurm’s Art? Take a look for yourself below.

“I contacted Gurm’s Art after seeing her work at a holiday bazaar. We discussed a special piece of my home state of Texas. She created samples and ran them by me. I suggested colors and patterns I might like; using examples from her other work. Overall, I am very excited about this piece of art!”

Shannon, 2020

“True colors are evolved from true feelings. From Gurmehar’s paintings, I can feel her creativities and impulses for loving this world with her life experience. Rooting from a traditional family, her arts have all kinds of clues about their own culture, and they can somewhat make the audience submerge in and/or respect it profoundly.

What I like the work “Mixed” the most, is its full of possibilities of patterns and colors, which makes me appreciate and embrace more of my colorful present life in a ever changing world.”

Patrick Zhao , 2021

“Inspired by the exhibit’s colorful ambience, I purchased a lifelong keepsake. Gurm’s artwork “Madhudan”, or in the artist’s words “beautiful” garden represents her first effort using a traditional art style, more particularly the Madhubani art style from Central India. I will treasure this artwork that depicts a whimsically decorated bird surrounded by a fanciful array of lines, shapes and, of course, colors.

Robert McGeachy, 2021

I bought this painting from the exhibition. This painting just reminded me how close I was with my Dad. Thank you.”

Vivian Zhang, 2021

“I like your style very much. The colors and lines of the work make me feel very relaxed and happy.  I forgot the stress of life for a while.”

Mo, 2021

“My daughter likes this painting very much. She likes the color of shells, but I think it makes me feel that people should break out of the enclosure and break through themselves. No matter in thought or in action, they should come out and communicate and cooperate with others. To learn and tolerate different cultures and different possibilities. There is no standard judgment for different things, and art has no borders.”

Jasmine, 2021

“My husband and I are both art enthusiasts. Gurm’s dragon caught my eye in a photograph and I was attracted to the dragon theme as an association of Chinese life. The art is beautifully detailed and yet minimalistic, just the dragon in the foreground. It looks powerful and mysterious. The beauty is also offset by the golden frame that Gurm has chosen for it, making the dragon truly royal. I have displayed the dragon in my office, it always attracts some wonderful conversations. We are going to remember the dragon, Beijing and the chance encounter with Gurm with very fond memories. We wish Gurm very best of luck in her career.”

Anindita Das, 2021

I met Gurmehar by chance, we were in two different challengers groups and although I didn’t complete any of the challenges that we were enrolled in, I got to connect with Gurmehar. I was really interested in learning more about her work. When I saw the collage titled “Bits of Me”, it really spoke to me and the fact she had made a poem to go along with it made this work shout and sing out at me.

Over the past year many of us have had pieces of ourselves that have been negotiated, damaged and others totally put to the test. I love how Gurm put all of this into words and a piece of art that I have now hanging above my desk. This is a constant reminder that things that are broken can be fixed. Even more important, when fixed they are capable of being something more beautiful.

Gurmehar was really easy to buy art from. She organised a personal delivery, allowed me to choose the frame and I am delighted that we made contact. I look forward to following her artistic journey and perhaps adding more to my home one day.”

Janice Stewart, 2021

“One of Gurm’s cups features her artwork “Let There Be Light,” which commemorates Diwali, the Indian festival where light triumphs over darkness and good over evil. This artwork evokes the light of diyas, i.e., oil lamps, along with the vibrancy of Rangoli, i.e., traditional floor decorations that “can be made from colored powders, stones, or flowers.” With goodness triumphing over evil, her cup becomes a haven of spiritual balance.

Another cup designed by her, based on her painting “Dumplings”, is an homage to the traditional Chinese dish prepared and eaten by families to commemorate special occasions.
Employing her unique style, Gurm incorporates the traditional Chinese colors—red and gold— in the background along with traditional Feng Shui coins, as if to imply that good fortune exudes in a harmonious universe.

While deep in symbolic import, art—or at least the creation of art—doesn’t always have to be serious, as Gurm’s painting “Plume” demonstrates. Creating the artwork during a two-day
event while “surrounded by kids and adults”, Gurm transcended her surroundings and demonstrated that she does “fly in her own sky.” The piece’s title ensued from Gurm’s inflight meditations about birds and their feathers, suggesting that she can soar above spiritual disharmony.

To conclude, “Cups” is a wonderful exhibition, with Gurm’s artwork fusing the tradition- and culture-bound with a sense of timelessness and transcendence. Gurm’s work provides spiritual strength to those viewing her exhibits
. ”

Robert McGeachy, 2022

Satiated. Relaxed. Connected. Welcoming. These are some of the feelings that “Dumplings” invokes in me.

I was immediately drawn to the piece from a video where Gurm showed how she was using her own hair as thread to outline the dumplings in the piece.  Getting “Dumplings” framed properly was another labor of Love between me, and the framers, Sonny and her husband Jinzhong Wei.

Instinctively, I knew I wanted “Dumplings” in the spot right above the intercom system. “Dumplings” snuggly in that spot has become my talisman. Looking at that shade of red, the gold swirls, and the blues on the plate reminds me that I am home. This is where I belong. Every time.

Magalie, 2022