The Artistic Creative Mind

The artistic, creative mind is a whole other world. In this place, you have the freedom to drift from one idea to another totally unrelated random idea in seconds. You are working on one project and then suddenly get an idea for another project and have the urge to drop your work in progress and start a new thing. You go off into a tangent. This is what makes you an artist, a creator, and its beautiful that you have this kind of thinking. Yes, it happens a lot with me too.

But, at times it can also get distracting and not let you focus. The problem is that we want to focus on too many things at the exact same time. What we need to make our tasks clear, readable, easy to manage and specific. We need to learn to focus on one task at one time. Look at the thing that is distracting you (social media, phone, food, your favorite game that you want to play, the loud noise outside your window, thoughts of someone, or whatever it is…) and close the door on it. Say to that thing: now is not the time I am going to focus on you, we will have our time at 5 pm. One by one eliminate the things that are pulling themselves towards you… until it is just you and your art. 

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