The Process of Being An Artist

Step 1: Get some inspiration and have an idea

Step 2: Think to yourself that there are so many creations like that already, why would the world ever want to see mine? What is so special about my idea anyway? But I really want to do it and I will. Why can’t I just create freely and not give a care to what people think?

Step 3: Eagerly prepare your materials to start creating

Step 4: Get a cup of tea- because… can’t start creating without it.

Step 5: Hop onto YouTube, watch how to…. videos related to your idea, surf Google, Pinterest, every website and social media possible for things related to your idea. Have those thoughts again: “omg, they are all so good”, “the internet is full of so much talent”, “how can I create like that…?”. Then go to “Wait, did I just start comparing myself to other people again? I came to get inspiration, not to compare myself. My art is unique, remember?”

Step 6: Look around your studio at all your artworks hanging, think about the journey you took to get to this stage, think about all the support and encouragement you have received, feel good about yourself and your work again and feel pumped up to create.

Step 7: Notice the time. Where did the hours go? Did I just spend all this time in overthinking?

Step 8: The passion, the urge to create intensifies and you need to get something on the paper. You start creating and soon get into the zone.

Step 9: Finish your creation and post your work. Cause why not? You are proud of it, you are following your passion and want to share it with the world. Wow, look 3 likes! The world loves it! Well done!

Step 10: Repeat for the rest of your life.

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