The Process of Creating My Work

Many of you are curious and ask me about the process of creating my work. How do I begin a new piece of work? What are the steps I follow? What does my work in progress look like? Today I will share that with you.

First of course, need an idea. The inspiration for my painting Curls came to me when I was looking through my old drawings and recalling the memories of creating them. I noticed I used to create a lot of works that started from the center and then kept going outwards. I realized that I hadn’t done something like that in ages and being the experimenter I am, had a sudden urge to try something like this in painting form this time.

I started out by drawing out the idea with pencil (like I do for every painting), then starting from the center painting over the curls. Once the drawing was painted over, I filled in the background with black pen. Then I painted with white paint over the colorful curls and that is how Curls was completed. My work in process and completed work Curls for your viewing pleasure…

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