The Social Media Journey

As an artist and content creator, for me, posting on social media is an important part of what I do.

Ahh…social media and its standards. You need to put your best foot forward, show only the good days and good life you are living. You need to edit the photos, have good lighting, can’t have that strand of hair seeming out of place, can’t show your artwork with that color like that. You need to plan your posts word by word so it is well written. See the timing of the post so it can go viral and reach the maximum number of people. Follow the rules. Be picture perfect.

And then there is being an artist and its standards. Be vulnerable. Show the behind the scenes and work in progress, natural and unedited. Express your human feelings and emotions. Go with the flow, play, experiment and explore. The right time to post is now, in this moment. The people who want to see it will. Don’t do what everyone else is doing, find your own unique creative expression. Be your perfectly imperfect self.

The truth is… I find the balance between both. I do what works for me, how I feel comfortable. And you should do the same.  You know what, the ride is not easy. Some days there are bumps on the road and you get stuck in a big traffic jam. Other days you are the only one on the road and it is a smooth flow. Some days it can feel really daunting and other days it feels so amazing.

That’s a part of the journey. And that is what makes it so beautiful and interesting- travelling through all kinds of weather, all kinds of paths. The important thing is to keep trying, you will get there. Another important thing is to know when to step away. There are days when I don’t post or engage and just need to step away for a bit and that is completely ok.

When I see other people’s posts and achievements on social media, I don’t see it as competition, I see it as inspiration. I don’t feel jealous, I feel hopeful. That is the beauty of being connected by humanity- we all have struggles, and we all have accomplishments. We all have low days and we all have high days. So why not support and encourage each other?

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