The Story of An Artist’s Life

I think of the many images in my head
The movies I watched, the books I have read
The places I have been to, other artistic creations
From these I find my creativity and inspiration
I clear my mind and close my eyes
And wait for an idea to arise
Art inside me that is yet to be born 
It struggles to find its shape and form
Tell my story, within me it screams
Make me a reality from a dream
Share with the world your vision
Time to make some artistic decisions
Getting impatient, cannot wait
Red or green, wavy line or straight?
Suddenly my art erupts and flows out
Everything becomes clear, there is no doubt
Brushes, paints, pens and paper create a lot of pictures
Visions that inside my head once captures
Inspired from other designs
But using my own creative guidelines
Created with a lot of love and care
With my hands bearing the wear and tear
I smile and look at my finished piece
And get the feeling of happiness and peace

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