What Art Means to Me

In front of me is a blank space, time is frozen, I am lost in the zone. I catch the aroma of inspiration and let it become one with me. I pick up my pen or brush, and start breathing the fresh air of artistic creation. Colors, lines, shapes, objects, paintbrushes, paints, pens, markers, canvases, sheets of paper are the oxygen to my creative cravings. Inspiration for my work comes from the smallest and biggest details in the everyday moments of life-cultural symbols, an important landmark, nature, a pattern on a bag or piece of clothing, something striking in a restaurant or hotel, something that catches my eye in a movie/ TV show, another artist’s work…

I may begin a piece of art with a concrete, clear idea in mind and know exactly the direction I want to take but I feel that there is always a conversation between the artist and the artwork while creating. Even with my preconceived notions, I always end up listening to what the artwork says to me.

Through my work, I transform ordinary matter into something extraordinary and bring dream-like imaginative concepts to the material tangible world. I create art that is experimental, interactive and innovative by presenting something familiar in a new way.

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