What is Art and How to Start?

Have been thinking about this so here goes… for everyone who asks me: “What is art?”.

Art is not just a drawing in a frame. Art is not just words typed in a document. Art is not just food on a plate. Art is not just performing on stage. Art is not just grabbing an instrument and playing a tune. Art is not just setting up the camera and pressing the record button. Art is not just making things look a certain way. Art is not just what you see on the outside.

Art is pouring your soul and heart, letting those inner feelings come out. Art is sharing those complex yet simple, happy yet sad emotions. Art is bringing people together yet getting to spend those much needed moments in solitude. Art is a struggle yet a natural flow. Art is colorful and black and white. Art is realism, figurative and abstract. Art is basically the inside you portrayed somewhat to the outside world.

And I know your next question: “well how do I start?”. Just start. It really is that simple. Just start. Start with what you have. Start with the pain, the doubt, the fear, the nervousness, the hands shaking.  Start with the inspiration, the picture in your head that you want to create into a reality, the colors, textures that are calling out to you, the excitement you feel rushing inside you.  Start with the simplest most common materials available. I feel you. That is how I started. That is how till today start a new work. What you have is more than enough. Just start.

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