What’s the point of creativity anyway?

Ok… so I really need to put this out there. Am pretty sure I am not the only artist who has had conversations with people about this. Am also sure that I am not the only creator to have had this thought in my deep overthinking stage. I was in that stage and had this question pop up in my head- what is the point of all this anyway? These vlogs, blogs, drawings, paintings- why make them? Why share them? Why show them to the world?

I mean… it is just pressing record on a camera, just words on a page, just strokes on a canvas. What value is it adding? What’s the gain from this? It is not like we are changing the world in some big grand way or anything.

I am loving it, enjoying every second of it (of course!), but what’s my contribution? Look at the world outside, dealing with problems of the pandemic, of politics, of the economy, of social issues, of the environment and here I am obsessed with patterns and shapes and colors.  Here I am being vulnerable and sharing my life with you. From the outside, for some viewers, it might seem like a strange way to spend the rest of your life.

Let me give you my perspective. Making my art has made me wiser. It has helped me to understand myself (and therefore others and the world) better. It has make me patient and helped build my confidence. It is my best friend and I am always challenged yet calm at the same time by creativity.

But that’s about me. What are the millions of creators, musicians, writers, artists, vloggers today doing to help the world? From both a creator’s and audience’s point of view, I can say a song, a poem, a video, a dance performance, a painting, is beneficial. It lifts us up and shows us that we are not alone through the tough times. That other people are feeling the same way and going through it too. It helps us celebrate the joyous beautiful moments. It speaks to us and says “I see you”. It is something that unites humanity, embraces diversity and that each of us in our own way can relate to.

Let us celebrate every person who works hard and puts love and effort in to create. Let us thank them for their courage, commitment, and willingness to build something new every day. To innovate without a guide, without a manual, without rules. A journey which has no clear path, and yet because of them, we are all smiling and a little less lonely.

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