Why Art?

I am often asked why I chose art, what is it about art that makes me so happy. I feel blessed to call myself a practicing artist. It is an honor to be able to create every single day. As an artist, I have the opportunity to observe, express, and contemplate about the smallest and biggest details of every subject and object around me. I am an explorer, using familiar pathways to find new artistic insights.
I am a messenger who listens deeply to my inner voice and thoughts and delivers them through my artistic creations. When I am creating a piece of work, my subconscious mind is awakened and I experience feelings that I otherwise have buried somewhere deep inside of me. I convey deep emotion through my work as an artist. By doing this, I hope to create a space for my audience to find their own voice and open up their hidden emotions. I believe this is the greatest gift an artist has. 
I listen to the music the earth orchestrates through all life-forms. I dance in the dark and light. I sing the harmony of colors. I taste the sweet-sour spirit of emotion. I see, listen, feel, imbibe it all inside me until it all pours into a new creation. Then I speak and share my gift with the world…

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