Why Being Slow Doesn’t Matter

Time for another real talk.  As an artist, I like to do a lot of intricate work, go into all the fine, most minute details. And that takes time, requires patience, and sometimes the process is really slow. And there are times of vulnerability, that why is it going so slow, why is it taking so long to finish?

Why is it that as humans, we are in a rush to finish everything, we want to be the fastest and at the same time the most efficient and productive? Life is not a race my friends. Speed is not about how fast you complete your work, it is about how much precision, how much thought you put into it. 

For me, as someone who creates, I have realized that nothing is more dangerous to artistic creation (or any creation for that matter, it can be any project- not just artistic) than not owning your own space, owning your time. They are your creations, you can take as much time as you want to create them. There is no rush, no obligation to meet any deadline. Focus and visualize and just let go. Become your purest form.

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