Why Success is Scarier Than Failure

That dream collaboration. That magical wonderland studio space where you can be one with your art. That first time experiment with techniques and mediums you haven’t tried before. Those heartwarming conversations. Seeing the products made from your handmade designs. Being selected for an exhibition. Getting a sale. Seeing all your dreams come true, your goals being achieved. It’s beautiful getting those new found opportunities and freedom.  But also…

You are scared. You are overwhelmed. You at times have no clue what to do. You have the fear of messing up, of getting into that imposter syndrome. You think “will I be able to perform?”, “will I be able to feel at home in these new surroundings?”. You feel like you have these big shoes to fill, this responsibility.

What you need to remember and tell yourself during this time is that your art pieces are a part of you and your life. They are a representation of your thoughts and emotions. Art stimulates you, motivates you and these opportunities are a chance to show people that. To let them get a deeper insight into your world. You got these opportunities because people connect to not the contents of your work or the details in your posts- but your unique essence in the way you created the work, and how much of you you put in your posts.

And if it really feels like a lot… slow down. The worst thing I feel I can do artistically (and I think it applies to all artists) is give myself too much space . Focus on what matters. Start small, even though you are working on something big. Go back to those simple shapes, those basic colors, those slow and thoughtful strokes. Start easy and when you keep getting into it your thought process and work will naturally expand into something elaborate.

Success has nothing to do with how complex or detailed or luxurious it is. It has to do with how you simplify and adapt the big complex world to what feels right and comfortable to you.  Mastery is taking those big shoes and customizing them to fit you. You own your space. Don’t adapt yourself to the world, adapt the world to you.

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