You know you are an artist when…

You know you are an artist when…
1. Most (if not all) of your clothes have paint or pen stains on them.
2. You are more happy and excited buying art supplies than clothes or shoes.
3. The latest piece of furniture you own is an easel.
4. Everyone wants to share their thoughts with one another, you want to just simply be alone with your thoughts.
5. You get lost for hours marveling at the patterns of the simplest things (rain on your car window, runny egg on your plate at breakfast, the shirt you are wearing, the floor tile etc…) and someone has to pull you back to reality.
6. You describe everything in your life as a “work in progress”.
7. Your sense of time is marked by how long it will take for your painting to dry.
8. You cringe every time someone looks at your work and tells you that they can’t draw.
9. Your dream world is time alone in a studio filled with art-making materials for the rest of eternity.
10. You stay awake at night.
11. You fall in love easily and with almost everything.
12. You create brand new perfect worlds in your imagination….
13. While others struggle with finding one good idea, you struggle with prioritizing a thousand brilliant ideas.
14. When you get artist block and have no inspiration, you feel like your life is over.
15. When you are working on a piece, a crazy spirit takes over you , you are in the zone, the world around you doesn’t exist and you can’t see or hear anything except your artwork. Someone has to shake you to get you out of this state.
16. You realize you have worked long enough and need to stop when your fingers start tingling and paining and you stop and give them a massage and nice rest.
17. You see miracles in everything and anything.
18. You would rather have a pencil in your hand than a million dollars in your bank account.
19. When you are working on something and you look up to see people crowded around you looking at your work in wonder.
20. When you are feeling low and everything else fails to cheer you up, you know there is only one thing that will make you feel better: creating something.

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