How to Find Your Unique Style

Forget a unique style. I used to think I didn’t have any style, even an ordinary one. Until I realized that your style is your voice, your personality, your story, your reflection. We all have that, unique to our individual selves and all you need to do is bring that into your art and lo and behold: that is your unique style!

It is absolutely true that your story is totally personal to you, no one else can walk in your shoes. Only you have had the experiences you have had, lived the life you have lived. But it is also absolutely true that we are all humans, and we go through similar experiences, and can relate to each other’s stories and can feel the emotions in that journey. That is the power you have as a creator by sharing your unique style. People see an artwork that is unique, completely different to anything else, but yet it still resonates with them. You have expressed something unique to yourself, yet it is connected with something inside so many others.

That is why it is so satisfying to put your life, your journey in your work. It really means something when someone buys your creation which is a piece of you.

So how do you find your style…? Get to know yourself on a personal level. What are your preferences? Dig deep inside. What colors appeal to you? What composition? What patterns do you look at and go “wow”? Any favorite objects/animals /places you like to talk about? Who are the artists you most follow? What is their work like? Abstract? Bold? Dramatic? Quiet and calm? Realistic? What are you into? Drawing? Painting? Digital Art? Sculpture? Glass? Printing?

Outside of art, what do you generally like to do and look at? What are your favorites? Where do you like to hang? What brings you joy? What can you talk about all day? Do you have a particular story you like to tell? Really thinking about this and narrowing down your preferences will help you find your style. What feels good to you?

Another thing is you can’t let your fear of doing something different, doing something that is totally you get in the way. The fear of what others will think. The fear of how the response will be. The fear of messing it up. The key to finding your style is to let go. Let go of everything and fly free. 

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